In 1947, the company was founded under the name Dr Plate Chemische Fabrik GmbH by Dr Karl Plate, a renowned inventor, in Bonn. At "Plate”, plastic fibres and chemical products were manufactured and distributed for a wide range of applications; and so, in 1950, the development of the plastic zip-fastener was brought to worldwide serial production.

In 1949, Dr Karl Plate registered the first monofilament plastic-fibre fishing line under the trade name PLATIL, which became a well-known trademark all over the world and is now probably the oldest existing brand name for monofilament fishing lines. The name PLATIL was conceived by combining the name of its inventor, Dr PLATE, with the word FILAMENT.

The introduction of PLATIL STRONG, its unique precise spooling and distribution via an exclusive global network of wholesalers have been integral factors in PLATIL’s climb to "fame” all over the world and have helped the company become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of monofilament fishing lines

Our slogan "PLATIL around the world” stands for the brand’s global success.

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